The first boss in Dreamscape is a large robot piloted by a character named 'W.Z.K.2'. The robot has 2 large arms, however one appears to be servered. The other has a bomb towards the hand, whicxh the player could use to do massive damamge to the robot. The main bomb is int he cab, which is accesible through shattered glass on the dome peice. The dome is accsessed by stairs that the player must climb while dodging both of the bosses arms. If the bomb ont he robot's hand is activated, most of the larger arm will be blown off. However, this won't defeat the boss, but wil make it much easier. There are multiple ways that the boss could directly and indirectly kill the player. One of them is by knocking them into The Void. Another is by sucking them into the cab and suffocating them int he robot's base. And another is by knocking the player into the grindor that the robot is hovering above

The below image is a photo of the boss. It's arms are faced behind it due to the fact that is doesn't have a target because the image was taken in studio mode.

RobloxScreenShot12192015 213527844