The final boss of Dreamscape is the smallest of the first game, armed with a sniper that fires three rounds at a time, a shield, and a claw that could easily kill the player if it hits them. If the player gets too close, they will be sucked into the torso oft he robot, attempting to escape results in an instant death. This is difficult to avoid because the platform the boss stands upon is small. It is also shaped and colored like Dreamscape's main logo To defeat the final boss, the player must get behind it and activate a nuke on a platform after jumping across lava that fills the room. The player, who should have already obtained a force field, should be safe from the explosion. However, they must escape the bosses lair to avoid falling into the lava while the building breaks apart from the explosion. Mostly everything will be corroded and destroyed by the explosion. The explosion will deactivate a laser gate located near the second boss, which takes the player to the ending of the game which illustrates how the player got to the Fire Dimension in Dreamscape 2. The Final boss in its lair. Not the platform and the pool of lava as well as part of the bomb being visible behind the robot.

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