The second boss is split up into two separate robots. The first robot is a mechanical spider resting on a heated platform that will kill the player. The spider is armed with a mini rocket launcher that does massive damage and could potentially give an instant death. There is a bomb located between its two fangs, upon activation, the bomb will count down from 10 and destroy all of its eyes, and the spider, now blind, will spin around aimlessly, searching for the player. The second robot is driven by a character named 'W.Z.K.' and is nothing but a dome with a turret on top. This turret is the same as the one used by the 3rd boss of the first Dreamscape game. It is easily defeated by activating various bombs attached to the dome, and finishing off W.Z.K. with a bomb located inside the dome.The Spider robot and the cab (Taken on a separate map)

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