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Future of the Living dead is a game in the Dreamscape series coming between Wir

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ed 2 and The Shadow's Revenge. It takes place during a zombie invasion, featuring many different zombie variants and 3 different bosses. It is unknown why no zombies appeared in The Shadow's Revenge given that it takes place after Future of the Living Dead, but it's likely that the Shadow simply killed them off himself or got everything under control despite being evil. It can also be noted that the Shadow uses one of the boss zombies vehicles, and a dismantled version of the

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final boss is seen just before the 2nd encounter with The Shadow in The Shadow's Revenge. It appears to still function, but is too damaged to inflict harm upon the player. Many references to other games are made in Future of the Living Dead, including a reference to The Shadow himself, Deathrun, and Portal. It can be noted that structures from Wired and other Dreamscape games are re-used in FoTLD. And some structures from FoTLD are used in The Shadow's Revenge. It can also be noted that The Shadow uses all of the zombie's different abilities in The Shadow's Revenge.

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