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The Malevolent A.I. is the main antagonist of Wired and Wired 2. It does not speak in Wired, however it does in Wired 2. It's appearance changes in Wired 2. It is shown in Wired with the word 'ERROR' on its screen, implying that it is broken. In Wired 2, it instead has a skull with crossbones. In Wired, the player defeats The Malevolent A.I. by activating explosives and doors to reach the self-destruct button. However, returning to the A.I.'s lair after defeating it reveal that the A.I. survived the explosion. In Wired 2, it tricks the player into reactivating it with a tempting button. Since mostly everything is damaged in Wired 2, fire becomes a new hazard that the A.I. takes advantage of in the final battle. Instead of the danger coming from teslas, it comes from corroded metal that has been set on fire. The player must activate the few working doors and once again get to the self-destruct button, which works this time. Effectively destroying the A.I. once and for all.

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