The Omega Shadow is the final boss of The Shadow's Revenge, and the Dreamscape series as a whole. It is The Shadow's final form obtained by absorbing 'dark matter'. The Omega Shadow has 8 massive tentacles that the player must dodge while climbing up a granite staircase to reach the bomb to defeat The Shadow once and for all. This boss is difficult due to the tentacles, which are quite a challenge to dodge. After the first battle with The Omega Shadow, he will trick the player into entering a new area where he had already teleported, and he appears to have split up into 4 different entities. The entities do not have a weakness, but the player will be given a rocket launcher for the first time ever in one of the games from the Dreamscape series, and will fight the entities to the death. After victory,t he player will go back to where The Omega Shadow once was, and will confront the head of the Omega Shadow floating in mid air, extremely damaged. The player will then have the option to spare or kill the Shadow. Either way, The Shadow will not be able to return due to his weakened state. The Omega Shadow is frowning after realizing his fate has been put in the player's hands. There was also an easter egg in the first Dreamscape game featuring the first boss, blackened with glowing purple areas on its body in a state of extreme disrepair, and it highly resembled one of the entities. This has, however, been scrapped. There is, however, another easter egg near the ending of a '!' block warning the player to 'beware of void monsters' implying that the first boss was a 'Void Monster'. There are still easter eggs in the game pointing towards these void monsters, and they have appeared in all the games following the Dreamscape series, and there have been 'void monster' versions of different characters. This might imply that The Shadow, The Shadow Dimension, and the so-called 'dark matter' are somehow related to the Void Monsters, or perhaps they are void monsters. This has not been proven to be fact, however. But it is entirely possible.

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