The Shadow is the main antagonist of the Dreamscape franchise, and the only enemy known to have dialogue. When speaking, The Shadow is never present, and in order to see what he says, the player must click dialogue bricks. The Shadow's personality is calm, clever, and laid back. He never gets emotional towards the player, nor yells, nor shows any signs of anger. However, in 'Revenge of The Shadow' he does say that he's feeling annoyed at certain moments, and there are times that is's possible to tell when he's getting some-what angry at the player. The Shadow's basic attack includes knocking the player back with extreme force, and quickly changing his visibility and letting the player regain health after each hit. This punch will never kill the player, but can easily knock them into traps. However, in Revenge of The Shadow, he shows off extra abilities. All of these abilities include: A sniper, a missle mech, metal armor, jumping, instant-killing, stunning, and glowing. Below is every picture of The Shadow from both Dreamscape 3 and The Shadow's Revenge as well as pictures of The Shadow Dimension

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